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Want FREE monthly Fiber Optic Internet? Well read on!

Like I tell my sons, NOTHING is free… but for once I am wrong.

Google Fiber is giving KC free Fiber Optic Internet with NO monthly charges, okay… yes there is a $300 One-time installation fee that can be paid in 12 installments. But I bet that small charge is LESS than what you pay now yearly for your current Internet subscriber!

Yesterday I took some time to visit the Google Fiber Space located at 1814 Westport Road, KCMO 64111. And guess what?

I got excited! Very excited!

I have been both curious and excited about Google Fiber ever since Google announced that Kansas City would be the FIRST CITY IN THE WORLD to receive Google Fiber providing incredible Gigabit Internet speeds. But yesterday I experienced it for myself! And let me say… you better get ready! Google Fiber will change everything you know and love about surfing the web, watching movies, video-conferencing, playing on-line games, streaming media from your PC or MAC and even change any concept you have about a hand-held remote control!

In case you are out of the loop and missed the World Wide headlines; Google Fiber is busy preparing to bring Fiber Optic technology straight to your home.

So what does that mean?

Well, it means Internet speeds 100 times faster than the average home. It means recording eight High Definition programs to your DVR at once. It means the ability to watch the next advances in HDTV… Super HD and Ultra HD. It means commanding your TV, DVR, Ethernet and gaming from a 7″ Android Tablet. It means Whole House DVR with a twist; gotta go to the toilet during Super Bowl Sunday? No problem, just grab the 7″ Android Tablet and watch the game live from the Porcelain Throne room.

The best part about Google Fiber is the Fiber Optic cable; pure and simple. Google’s Fiber Optic will be the “nerve center expressway” that will allow Kansas City to integrate technological advances never seen before. This is on a scale much grander than watching Desperate Housewives in HD. Google Fiber has already partnered with KU Medical Center to demonstrate medical video conferencing, interactive education and “Tele-medicine”. In comparison, I believe Google Fiber will do for Kansas City what the first copper Telephone line did in 1877.

In order to receive Google Fiber you must reside in a “Fiber-Hood”, and Google is now pre-registering applicants so they can begin creating and mapping these “Fiber-Hoods”. To help expedite the installation of Google Fiber in your neighborhood I HIGHLY recommend (actually I implore you) to visit this link HOW DO I GET GOOGLE FIBER? to get pre-registered… don’t worry there is no commitment. Then drive on down to the Google Fiber Space store in Kansas City for a hands-on Google Fiber experience for yourself!

Darren Mortensen, CEDIA CPI, ESPA C-EST
Cinema at Home

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