THE WALKING DEAD – Season One (2011) Review

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THE WALKING DEAD – Season One (2011)

“With Special Effects better than any I have ever seen! A rock-solid, creative cast of characters! The Walking Dead is my personal favorite Television series ever!”

If you were to check my DVR list of TV shows that I record on a weekly basis you’ll find: American Pickers, American Chopper, American Restoration, American Idol and…. The Walking Dead.

Now, any detective can easily summarize I must love America and Horror… BINGO! That’s why I love…maybe even… obsess over AMC’s hit new series The Walking Dead. Which is headed for its third season this fall.

Here you have a handful of post-apocalyptic American’s trying to survive and adjust in a land full of flesh-eating, shoot-em in the head zombies. Whoa! Now hold on cowboy, this ain’t no run of the mill, campy, sophomoric, fake ketchup-blood, cherry-jello brain splattin’, bleep the curse words, ordinary TV show! This is the real deal – and by that I mean – true Hollywood, pull out the stops, give’em both barrels of professional special effects make-up and gore!

Okay, so even I get bored with mindless horror on any level, but that’s where The Walking Dead stands apart from anything I have ever watched before. The zombies, blood and gore are just the icing… heck, even some episodes have barely any. The Walking Dead ensemble, created from a cult-following comic book series, consists of a handful of survivors thrown together after a “plague” has the dead rising … and of course feeding upon the living.

These survivors includes a Sheriff, his wife and son, a deputy, a gruff ol’ fella in a RV and a list of other colorful characters. The list of survivors grows and dies… quite frequently I might add. Matter of fact, some of the principal characters from Season One meet their demise later in Season Two… but you’ll have to watch the first season to appreciate Season Two! Oh, and the ending of Season Two is a major cliff hanger!

The Walking Dead ignores the rules of any Prime Time Television Series! You will see Award Winning actors from huge blockbuster films make cameo appearances… even becoming main characters. Heck, even the main characters get eaten alive.. trust me…no one is safe in this series!

  • If you hate gore-iffic movies and flesh eating zombies, well… you’ll hate The Walking Dead.
  • If you appreciate the creativity of Special Effects, enjoy a cliff-hanger each episode, love being scared out of your wits and find yourself really craving a character driven, horror story… then be forewarned…
  • The Walking Dead is addictive and contagious!
  • Click the link below to see the 5 minute debut of The Walking Dead Trailer… remember, I did warn you!
  • The Walking Dead:Season One Debut Trailer – WARNING Graphic scenes and language!

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