From one Kansas City man comes a CINEMA AT HOME dream.

CINEMA AT HOME grew from the idea that people want to be entertained in their own homes, with their families.

As a life long Kansas city native, I have always had an affinity for electronics and technology. Whether it involved music or movies, gadgets or gizmos, I was driven to learn as much as I could about anything new and ground-breaking.

My interest with electronics started early as a child disassembling electronic toys to see how they worked. Then progressing into electronic music when I began playing  synthesizers. By my late teens I found electronics was taking over the automotive industry, so I trained with General Motors to become a ASE Certified Automotive Electrical Systems Technician. As an adult, I opted for a career change – this time in the Healthcare field. I quickly took to Respiratory Therapy, a career full of electronics, technology, and excitement. In my spare time I begin developing my true passion of home entertainment, audio/video systems and consumer electronics.

It didn’t take long to realize… I loved sharing these interests and passions with my family. So the idea of combining” family time” with “movie time”, in what is now known as a “Home Theater”, only made perfect sense for me! Not only that, but if I could take my passion and create a company so that all of Kansas City could enjoy their own Home Theaters with friends and family; wouldn’t that be even better? So it was logical progression that I would ultimately create one of Kansas City’s premiere Home Theater and Electronics Integration companies; today known as CINEMA AT HOME!

Kansas City families want to be entertained within their own homes.

CINEMA AT HOME grew from the idea that people want to be entertained in their own homes, with their families. With the excessive costs of seeing a movie at your local theater getting only higher, many folks in Kansas City are staying home for affordable entertainment!  Today we are seeing an explosion of  Home Theaters, Media Rooms and Audio/Video integrated homes throughout Greater Kansas City.  Because of that, for over a decade, CINEMA AT HOME has been on top of each Audio/Video and Home Automation technological advancement. At the same time integrating these exciting systems into the homes of Kansas City.

CINEMA AT HOME is always adapting to maintain that cutting edge of Audio/Video technology and Home Automation. For example, long before Media Servers were popular, we designed and created our own called the RAVEN Cinema Series HD 1080p Media Server. We knew this was the next logical step in living the Electronic Lifestyle and it is these types of bold initiatives that separate us from the others.  Today we have grown by leaps and bounds, but we maintain the philosophy that people just want the best they can have within a reasonable budget – Our goal is to meet and exceed this expectation.

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