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A house is more than just an investment, it is your home.

Your home should provide comfort, security and family togetherness. CINEMA AT HOME enhances these virtues by introducing you to Home Automation and Control. By incorporating control of your environment, Home Automation is designed to simplify your daily routine by adding convenience.

Home Automation Kansas City

Control and Monitor your home with one finger!

A home is comprised of many systems; Lighting, Security, Heating and Cooling, to name a few. Home Automation simplifies interaction of these systems by providing convenient control at your finger tips from a Smart Phone, Tablet, Computer, Handheld remote or hidden sensors.

Integrating intelligent Home Automation to your home will allow your living space to be interactive and adaptive with your daily routines. A press of a button at bedtime can draw the curtains, turn off house lights, adjust the thermostat, insure the garage door is closed, turn on the porch light and set the security system. Home Automation not only enhances your home with these exciting features, it also provides energy-saving benefits and promotes “Greener” living.

Lighting Control

Automate and Control your Lighting!

Automate and Control your Lighting!

Introducing Lighting Control to your home instantly increases convenience and security to your lifestyle. Let us introduce you to the latest advances in Home Automation, where dramatic lighting scenes can be created throughout your home by simply entering a room or a press of a button or even by a predetermined schedule. Lighting Control easily transitions your homes atmosphere for activities such as; Bedtime, Entertaining or even while you are away on vacation. Lighting Control systems pay for themselves over short time by decreasing your energy costs and increasing bulb life. Not to mention providing safe “pathways of light” and a means to deter theft and burglary.

Motorized BlindsMotorized Blinds

Automated Window Dressings including shades, blinds and curtains are a unique feature of today’s modern Kansas City homes. The ability to have Motorized window dressings open and close on command or schedule, provides convenience while increasing security and lowering energy costs.

Imagine curtains, shades and blinds adjusting automatically to block the hot summer sun or closing as the sun sets, then opening again at daybreak. Cinema at Home provides many styles, colors and options of Automated Window Dressings to enhance your home while conserving energy.

Climate Controlelan g! HVAC

Controlling your homes Heating and Cooling begins by regulating your thermostat. Installing Automated Climate Control systems provides the ability to regulate your thermostat remotely from anywhere in the house, or anywhere in the world. Our Automated Climate Control systems automatically adjust the temperature for many customized scenarios like Bedtime, without getting out of bed. More importantly you have control of your home while away on vacation or at work. The ability to automate control of your home’s Heating and Cooling pays for itself with “greener” living and lowering utility costs.

Home Surveillance

View your cameras from your phone!

View your cameras from your phone!

Home Surveillance gives you the “eyes and ears” needed to hear and see what is happening in and around your home. CINEMA AT HOME integrates Digital Video Camera Systems that allow you to keep an eye on the swimming pool, baby’s room or the entire house and yard; whether you are at home or away.
Our Home Surveillance systems allow instant visual access to your home from a Television, Smart Phone, Computer or Tablet. This gives you the ability to see and hear any activity in your home, at any time, from anywhere. In addition, our Home Surveillance systems also record events on a Digital Video Recorder. This allows access to footage recorded minutes, hours, days or weeks ago. Should you experience a break-in or other home related crime, Home Surveillance systems provide the ability to copy recorded events for Law Enforcement and your Insurance agency.

Energy Management

Energy Management

Save Energy and Money with Home Automation!

Intelligent Home Control and Home Automation is all about lowering your energy costs by decreasing waste, increasing energy efficiency, extending life of costly HVAC components and light bulbs. Integrating Home Automation provides the ability to adjust lighting levels, regulate thermostats or operate window dressings on command or automatically… whether home or away. These systems actually pay for themselves in short time while adding value to your home and providing a visual record of energy savings. CINEMA AT HOME promotes “Greener Living in Kansas City” through convenience and energy management with intelligent Home Control and Home Automation.

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